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Easy Search Review

by No1Reviews.com. Last updated: 20 March 2020

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It's well known that the British are a generous people, when it comes to charity. They give more per capita (based on earnings) than so many other nations, and that's something to be proud of. This can extend further, though, as sites such as Easy Search allow you to help raise money for charities, merely through changing your search engine.

EasySearch.org.uk focuses on helping charities, many of which are British. It does this by earning money from advertisers, when you happen to explore their adverts through their search engine. So, it costs you nothing monetarily, and you also get to choose which charities will receive your money. The site claims that if you perform 20 searches per day using EasySearch.org.uk, you will make around £20 per year for your chosen charity. This might not sound like a lot, but most people perform far more searches than that, so they ought to make a lot more money for a good cause.

Many of the charities based in the UK include schools, clubs and even local causes, so you can feel as though you're making a definite impact on the lives are people who need a helping hand in your area.

Support schools, clubs and other charities with Easy Search.
Support schools, clubs and other charities with Easy Search.

This is a simple service, removing bells and whistles to create a quick, easy-to-use search engine. This also means that the search results options are limited, as you can only view text in your search results. This is fine for many searches, such as finding articles or websites, since you see a basic overview of what's included on the site. However, if you want to search for images and videos, or check current news, it's not ideal.

  A quick, easy-to-use search engine.  

You can find out the latest updates from EasySearch.org.uk on social media, with quick links to its SM accounts. There's also a live feed on the homepage, providing you with fundraising updates, such as highlighting which websites have donated the most money because of the Easy Search community's searches. At the time of our review, there were almost 1 million searches made on this site, all of which helps generate money for good causes.

Charities Supported:

Easy Search generates money for more than 10,000 charities, many of which are in the UK. You can search for a preferred charity and set it as the organization to receive your donations. This is easily altered, so you don't need to worry about it being set in stone if you want to change charities later on. Searching for your charity, within the thousands available, is relatively easy, and there may be an opportunity to add a new charity if you cannot find it. Whilst all of this is admirable, the total number of searches isn't that impressive and, given the sheer number of charities supported, the proceeds given to each charity may be quite low. 

All of that said, Easy Search is also partnered with EasyFundraising.org.uk – a seemingly more substantial and more successful fundraising website. This site has raised more than £30 million for charity, primarily because it makes its money through online shopping. If you use this site to shop online, the advertisers and stores pay a share of your spend to EasyFundraising, which is then donated to charity. They have aligned with over 4000 retailers, making them the UK's biggest charity shopping fundraising website.

Search Experience:

Searching on Easy Search is very basic. You type your keywords, perform the search, and are presented with results. Results do not include video or images, you cannot search within certain parameters (such as the time since a page was posted) and there really are no other options. If you just want a simple text-only system for performing online searches, this might be fine. But otherwise, it's very limited in comparison to other search engines. Whilst you may receive millions of search results, this isn't entirely useful if you cannot filter them or change which ones appear first.

Receive millions of search results.
Receive millions of search results.


Unfortunately, EasySearch offers no real details about how they go about protecting your data, or what (if anything) they do with it. They suggest that they try to stop your information being shared with third parties where necessary, but it's all standard forms and sentences which don't really inspire much confidence. They also say that they can change their terms and conditions at any time, so who knows what might happen to your data in the future. Whilst we don't think anything sinister is going on, they could do more to reassure their users that their data won't be sold on or shared without their consent.

Locate a specific cause to support.
Locate a specific cause to support.

Browser Extensions:

Browser extensions can be important for some users, since they essentially allow you to search for information through the charity search engine, without having to constantly visit the charity site to do so. If you're performing dozens, or even hundreds of searches a day, like many people do, you'll understand why you wouldn't want to have to keep entering a specific site to perform a search. However, EasySearch does not provide browser extensions, from what we could see at the time of this review. This means you have to visit EasySearch.org.uk every single time you want to perform a search using their donation features. It adds a lot of wasted time to the search process, especially if you perform a lot of searches. If you only intend to search the internet very infrequently, this may not be such a big issue.


Easy Search allows you to donate the money you earn (through searching via their website) to a wide range of charities, many of which are in the UK. However, its limited options and search result features, as well as a lack of add-ons and browser extensions, means that it's a somewhat dated and slow option for most people. It's worth checking out, particularly if you have an interest in supporting UK charities (and especially for shopping through Easy Fundraising) but otherwise it just doesn't quite cut it, compared with other charity search engines available.

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