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EveryClick Review

by No1Reviews.com. Last updated: 20 March 2020

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There are plenty of charities out there which need financial support. Whether you're interesting in helping animals to get a better life, want to help restore national heritage properties, improve wildlife sanctuaries, improve drinking water for vulnerable people, or something else entirely, there's always a charity to suit your preferences.

EveryClick.com provides you with an opportunity to help charities, with thousands to choose from. All you have to do is access your account, choose your charity, and search using their search engine. It also provides shopping options, which we'll come to shortly, which can further improve the money given to your chosen charity.

Raise money for charities simply by performing an online search.
Raise money for charities simply by performing an online search.

Whilst seemingly sparse on a first look, Every Click actually has quite a lot of content when it comes to choosing a charity. There are around 200,000 registered charities to explore, each one providing some information on what they do. The highest earning charities are visible on the main charity page, but you can also search for a specific key word of charity name to locate it. Supporting the charity of your choice is easy, you just have to select it as your designated receiver. You can switch between charities if you change your mind, so you're not tied into just one forever. The sheer range of charities to choose from is impressive, although it's not always easy to find lesser-known charities as those already doing pretty well for themselves seem to rise to the top. Still, it's good to have options, and many of the charities are UK-based, if you're keen to support a group within Britain.

  The sheer range of charities to choose from is impressive.  

Charities Supported:

As we've already mentioned, there are plenty of charities to choose from. These include animal charities, environmental charities, those focusing on helping people and many more beside that. If you run a charity, you can also sign them up to the service for free, encouraging others to use the Every Click search engine as a way of driving some money towards your good cause. There's plenty of competition for this money, of course, but the site also offers information on how to bring friends and family, and the general public, to the site to help you out. In addition, there is information for businesses who wish to make charitable donations (in time, sponsorship and in other ways). So, there are plenty of tips on how to improve your approaches to charity, if you wish to take their advice on board.

Raise money for charities when you shop online.
Raise money for charities when you shop online.

Search Experience:

It's really worth mentioning the site's shopping elements. As you explore EveryClick.com, you'll see that certain retailers are highlighted in a sidebar. With a simple click, you can be taken to that retailer's site, and they will automatically dedicate a portion of any money you spend, straight to the Every Click system. That money will then be collected and sent to the charity you chose. This is quick and easy to use, making it a well-considered and effective system.

Less impressive, though, is the standard search. You can type in your keyword and perform a search to receive text-only results, with hyperlinks to the related pages. These cannot be filtered in many useful ways, and there's a definite lack of options for viewing image results and video results. This may not be too bad for some people, especially if they're just interested in doing a bit of shopping online, but for anyone looking for more control over their search options, it feels quite limited.

Perform a simple search to help support charities.
Perform a simple search to help support charities.


Your privacy, and the use of your data by third parties, is always a concern. Whilst these elements weren't a particular surprise when reading Every Click's privacy guides, it's made apparent that your data will be shared with others, mainly for working out your shopping preferences. Okay, we might be able to handle that, but unfortunately when signing up we received a data breach report immediately, suggesting our password had been exposed. This really needs to be examined and fixed quickly, as it could lead to real problems for some people. We recommend using a different password and log-in details exclusive to this site, as well as contacting them if you are concerned about their data and privacy systems. 

Browser Extensions:

Every Click allows you to create an account, keeping a record of your activities and how much money you've raised for each charity. This is a fun extra which can have a positive impact, as you can clearly see how much money you've raised for a specific charity whilst using their charitable services. You can also see how much you've raised overall, which can feel rewarding. To further improve, though, we'd like to see some kind of browser extension or add-on, which would allow the charitable features to be used without having to log into Every Click every time you wanted to make sure your charity would benefit from your online activity. It takes a short while to log in each time you wish to browse the internet or shop online, which can be a bit frustrating. 


In terms of the variety of charities you can support, and the ease with which you can use some of the site's features, Every Click is doing a pretty good job. We also enjoyed the fact that you can check on how much money you've raised, and that you can explore each charity and the work they do. However, to further improve their service, the actual search engine needs more options. They also need to look into their security systems, to reassure users that their data is safe. With those things in place, we think this could be a leader in the charity search engines field.

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