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Category: Charitable Search Engines
Website: http://www.whaleslide.com

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  • Whaleslide is a charitable search engine with a difference - it contains no ads!
  • Whaleslide raises money by converting some of the web links in its search results into affiliate links
  • Whaleslide get a referral fee of up to 10% if you follow an affiliate link from their search results and then make a purchase from that merchant site
  • A charity symbol is shown next to any search results with affiliate links, i.e. those that could raise money for Whaleslide's charities if you click through and buy from them
  • Dedicated image and video searches are available
  • A knowledge panel is available, with data sourced from Wikipedia and TheMovieDB.org
  • No rich content (i.e. images, videos or news thumbnails) are included in the search results
  • Infinite scrolling - more results are displayed as you scroll down the page (i.e. there is no pagination)
  • Click the down arrow under a search result to select results containing similar sites
  • Whaleslide claims to be a private search engine that does not store your IP address or your search queries
  • Almost a hundred charities are listed, which are divided into categories
  • Charities are mostly smaller, UK-based charities
  • You must create an account with Whaleslide to be able to support any of the charities listed
  • Collections:
    • A free online account is required to use Whaleside Collections
    • The Whaleside browser extension can be used to store interesting content you find around the web in your collections
    • The Whaleslide website can be used to add interesting web results to your collections
    • A tile is created for each item you save to your collection
    • Tiles can be categorized, allowing you to store interesting items by category
    • Store images, text, gifs, quotes, links, etc., in your collections
  • Snickets allow you to shortcut your search to other sites, e.g. adding YTB after your search query will redirect your search to Youtube. A full list of Snickets can be found here.
  • Browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox
  • Android and iOS apps are coming soon


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