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Givero Review

by No1Reviews.com. Last updated: 20 March 2020

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Founded in 2018, Givero is a Danish-based charitable search engine that donates 50% of its revenues to charity. These charities comprise a handful of large, well-known, international charities. Like so many other charitable search engines, Givero's search results are provided by Microsoft Bing. Whilst the search results are relevant and up-to-date, it lacks the rich-content of most charitable search engines and also lacks the knowledge panel. It also redirects to third-party sites for its dedicated image search and video search results.


Charities Supported:

Givero supports 7 fairly well-known international charities: 350.org, Eden Reforestation Projects, Mozilla Foundation, Save The Children, The Ocean Cleanup, World Animal Protection and WWF. You can see the full list and descriptions here, from where you can also add any number of these charities to your list of chosen charities to support. The searches you make will then rotate through the various charities so that, for instance, your first search might support 350.org, your second search might support the Eden Reforestation Projects, your third search might support the Mozilla Foundation, etc. If you click on any ads during any of these searches then 50% of the ad revenue that Givero receive will go towards that charity - at least we think that's how it works! If you do not select any charities, then your searches will rotate through all 7 charities that are available. Givero have stated that they intend to add more charities in future, but since they only launched in 2018, they want to focus their donations on the few charities they've chosen so far.

Givero are transparent at providing evidence of their charitable donations on their website and have stated that their accountants/auditors verify that these donations have been made and that they amount to 50% of their revenues.

Some of Givero's supported projects
Some of Givero's supported projects


Search Experience:

Givero's search results are powered by Bing and are therefore highly relevant and up-to-date. However, Givero's search experience is fairly basic, especially when compared to the charitable search engines that take the top positions in our top 10 list, such as SearchScene and Ecosia. For a start, their web search results comprise only of web links - there is no rich content here, such as embedded images, video thumbnails or news thumbnails. There is also no knowledge panel, as is commonly found on the right hand side of the search results on any major search engine, such as Google or Bing. (For those who don't know, the knowledge panel will usually give additional information on any subject, along with additional images, etc. This data is usually taken from Wikipedia but may also come from a variety of other sources. Search "Charlie Chaplin" in Google or Bing and you will find the knowledge panel to the right of the main search results - or at the top if you're using a mobile device.) This lack of rich content and lack of knowledge panel makes Givero's search results, whilst relevant and up-to-date, seem very basic and unengaging, especially when compared with the search results on SearchScene and Ecosia.

Example search results provided by Givero
Example search results provided by Givero

Unlike many other charitable search engines, Givero has also chosen not to implement its own dedicated image search, video search or news search tab. Instead, the images tab at the top of the search results pages present you with options for repeating your search on various third-party image search sites, such as Google, Bing, Pixabay and 500pix.com. The video search tab lets you repeat your search on Youtube or Vimeo. A maps search tab lets you search Google Maps or Bing Maps. And there is no news tab provided. It is hard to understand why Givero did not go to the additional effort of implementing dedicated image, video and news searches, but it is probably because these types of searches typically do not include ads and therefore do not earn Givero any income. The user's search experience would be vastly improved if these additional search features were on offer and it would undoubtedly improve Givero's overall income of they kept the user on their site rather than leaking them away to some other search engine.

Givero supports shortcuts to many third-party sites. If you add an exclamation mark followed by a one or two letter code after your search results, your search will be redirected to another site. For example search "cute kittens !yt" into Givero and your search will redirect to Youtube; search for "cute kittens !fb" and your search will go to facebook, and so on. Type an exclamation mark into the Givero search box and you will see a list of some of the most popular bangs on offer. This is a really nice touch. This concept (and the name) "Bangs" was first introduced by the private search engine DuckDuckGo.com and is also in use on SearchScene (but they call it !Snaps) and Ecosia (although Ecosia use a hash tag # for shortcuts instead of an exclamation mark!).

Givero support a limited number of instant answers, including weather information (just search for "weather in London", for instance). They also will also display a calculator, stopwatch and countdown timer, should you need them.

Example bangs (website shortcuts) provided by Givero
Example bangs (website shortcuts) provided by Givero


Givero have stated that they store your IP address and search terms in their server logs but that this data is anonymised after 5 days. In keeping with all other charitable search engines, Givero must also pass your IP address and search terms to the underlying search results provider - in this case Bing and CodeFuel. Both of these sites use this data to build metrics and statistics on service usage. Givero use inbuilt analytics software rather than any popular third-party analytics software package that might spy on you (yes - we are looking at you, Google Analytics!)

  Founded in 2018, Givero is a Danish-based charitable search engine that donates 50% of its revenues to charity.  



Givero don't have any specific eco-credentials per se, beyond the fact that they use 50% of their revenues to support charities, most of which are environmental charities (WWF, 350.org, Eden Reforestation Projects, The Ocean Cleanup, and World Animal Protection).


Browser Extensions:

Givero have browser extensions available for Firefox and Chrome which set Givero as your default search engine. Mobile Apps for iOS and Android are also available.

  Users may find that moving from Google or Bing to Givero will be a relatively disappointing experience.  



Givero do a nice job of displaying their search results, but their search results lack any sort of rich content (image thumbnails, video thumbnails, news thumbnails) and also lack any knowledge panel. Givero also lack a dedicated image search, video search or news search - which is standard on most other charitable search engines. As such, users may find that moving from Google or Bing to Givero will be a relatively disappointing experience. Givero support a number of major, international charities which is nice to see - so many other charitable search engines support small, regional charities that you will probably have never heard of. At the moment, they only support 7 charities, although they indicate that they will add to this list in future. Although, less is more here we feel, as we would rather choose from just a handful of charities that we've heard of than have to wade through 500 charities that we haven't! Givero donate 50% of their revenues to charities, which is fairly standard, but is far short of the 80% that Ecosia donate and the 95% that SearchScene donate. You will also find a far superior search experience from these two sites than you will find at Givero. All in all, Givero has great potential, but it needs to improve its search experience to compete with our list of top rated charitable search engines.


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