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Give Water Review

by No1Reviews.com. Last updated: 20 March 2020

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Water is the source of all life on Earth and yet, unfortunately, millions of people do not have access to clean drinking water. The problems this causes are irrefutable, causing illness, starvation, dehydration and death, amongst other issues to economies and societies. giveWater's goal is to provide clean water to more people, especially those who are in dire need. It does this by asking you to perform your usual internet searches through its extension or website, and therefore taking money from advertisers. This money is then given to water programs which aim to improve the quality of water for people all around the world.

Help provide cleaner water to people around the world.
Help provide cleaner water to people around the world.

This is a simple site. You can find out a little about the global water crises, including details on how many people are affected, and in what ways their lives are changed by not having access to clean water. It's not just people who are intimately affected, either, as many societies and economies are put under incredible pressure by a lack of hygienic water. giveWater aims to improve the lives of people around the world, providing them with clean drinking water.

  GiveWater aims to improve the lives of people around the world, providing them with clean drinking water.  

We've briefly discussed how they plan on achieving these goals, and you can find out more about the problem through their website. However, there's not a great deal of information on the projects they've been successful with, or how the money you raise will be spent. This is something we'd really like more information on, as it currently feels too vague. But the idea is sound, and the need is real, so let's look at some of the main elements of the service provided…

Charities Supported:

giveWater uses the money you generate to support clean water projects around the world. This is, to some degree, the extent of the project information they provide. You can learn about the various problems caused by unclean water, and the people who are suffering because of it, but we'd really like to know exactly which projects giveWater donate to or are involved with. Then, we'll have a much better idea about whether to opt for using their browser extension, or whether our attentions would be better spent with another charity search engine. Still, if you want to help provide clean water to the most needy people, they're worth investigating as an option. 

Find information through a simple search feature.
Find information through a simple search feature.

Search Experience:

Searching is pretty simple, you can either visit giveWater.zendesk.com or download their browser extension. The search itself provides results on webpages, images, video and news, which is pretty good since several charity search engines only provide text-only website searches (rather than allowing you to find images and videos, for example). There are not really any filtering tools available, though, so finding specific articles or websites from a specific time period isn't always easy.

View videos, images and news based on your search.
View videos, images and news based on your search.


Despite our best efforts, we found it difficult to locate any information on how your data will, or indeed will not, be kept private, or distributed. This is disappointing, as it makes it hard to really trust that giveWater will keep your browsing data secure. More information on this element would be greatly appreciated, and if it does exist somewhere in their database, it needs to be made more apparent so that potential users can make an informed decision on whether to donate their time and efforts towards the causes giveWater supports.


Water pollution and a lack of clean drinking water, are major global problems. We were impressed to find out that the leading member of giveWater doesn't take a wage. That's quite some dedication, assuming he has work to do. But this isn't a not-for-profit organization, and therefore it's making money. How much money is made, how is it spent, and who's taking their cut? These are all questions which we'd like to see the site team answer, because at the moment of this review, the website merely says that this information should be forthcoming. It's therefore hard to know exactly how eco-friendly they really are, and how much of the money you raise will go to their eco-concerns.

Browser Extensions:

Thankfully, giveWater does provide a browser extension, which allows the site to track your online activity, advertising interactions and other details. This is used to generate money from advertisers, which is then used to help improve water quality in those places of need. It's a simple process to install the browser extension, and means you don't have to keep visiting the site to perform a search which benefits giveWater.


giveWater seems like it has its heart in the right place, trying to tackle a global epidemic within a specific field (drinkable water). Its search engine does a satisfactory job, providing you with websites, videos, news and images, and it's good that they provide a web browser extension. However, they need to provide more details on the projects they're working on, the charities they support, their goals and expectations, as well as giving the public the details on exactly how much of the money they generate will go towards helping people (rather than admin costs). It's hard to highly recommend them before they are transparent about those things, though we do recommend taking a look at their website if you're especially interested in helping to alleviate the real problems caused by dangerous drinking water. 

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