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Goodsearch Review

by No1Reviews.com. Last updated: 20 March 2020

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Goodsearch is the web search part of Goodshop, a shopping discount/voucher site that allows you to raise money for charity or get cashback for yourself as you shop online. It also offers discount vouchers at certain outlets. The Goodsearch search box redirects all your searches to Yahoo! Goodsearch earn a commission from any of the ads you click on the Yahoo search engine - from this they will donate 50% of their revenues to charity, which amounts to roughly $0.01 per search.

  The Goodsearch search box redirects all your searches to Yahoo! Goodsearch earn a commission from any of the ads you click on the Yahoo search engine - from this they will donate 50% of their revenues to charity, which amounts to roughly $0.01 per search.  


Charities Supported:

Goodsearch support a vast range of charities and organizations, numbering over 110,000 in total. Whilst it is obviously totally impractical to browse through 110,000 charities to find the one you want, Goodsearch have provided a search box to allow you to search for your favorite charity on their page here - https://www.goodshop.com/choosecause. From this page, you will also be able to browse through their most popular supported charities, which include international charities like WWF and UNICEF, as well as major American charities like ASPCA, USO and the American Cancer Society. You can click on any charity to view more information about it and see how much Goodsearch have raised for that charity over their lifetime, which can also be broken down month-by-month. With such a vast array of charities supported, it can be difficult to find the one you're looking for. Fortunately, if you use Goodsearch's search box, you can also filter your results by category, city, state and zip code.

Unlike many other charitable search engines, Goodsearch will only allow you to support one charity at a time as you search the web, although you can change this as often as you like. Choosing a charity to support is not intuitive. To support a charity, you will need to locate the charity of your choice and click on it, then click on the red "Shop Now" button in the right hand sidebar. When you return to the Goodsearch search box, your chosen charity will be listed at the top of the page.

One of the distinctions between Goodsearch and other charitable search engines is that Goodsearch will allow you to support not just charities, but virtually any non-profit organization you choose. It seems that the majority of the 110,000+ organizations listed are not, in fact, charities, but schools and other non-profit organizations. You can use the search box to search for your school and refine your search by state, city, zip code, and category. If your school or organization is not listed, then you can simply add your own using the "Create Your Own Cause" button on their good causes page (this will require you to create an account). This will allow you and your colleagues or classmates and teachers to raise money for your school by using Goodsearch as your search engine, although bear in mind that the revenues will only amount to around $0.01 per search, so unless you can persuade a lot of people to use Goodsearch as their default search engine, it is unlikely to add up to much.

Some of GoodSearch's supported projects
Some of GoodSearch's supported projects


Search Experience:

The Goodsearch search box redirects all your searches to the Yahoo! search engine, which has the Goodsearch branding and a link back to Goodsearch at the top right of the page. This is in sharp contrast to all the other charitable search engines we've reviewed, all of whom have built their own search engine front-end user interfaces, most of which are powered by Bing. (For those who don't know, Yahoo is also powered by Bing.) The upside of this is that Yahoo! is a well established search engine and contains all the search features and rich-content that you would expect to find on Bing. The downside is that you are leaving the Goodsearch website with every search you make - where every search you make redirects you to a Yahoo! search results page. Goodsearch make money from the ads shown on the Yahoo! search engine via their partnership with Yahoo. It is unclear whether only your searches that are executed directly via the Goodsearch search box will earn money for charity, or whether all subsequent searches you make on Yahoo's own search box will also raise money for charity (and, if so, will it raise the same amount or less?)

Any review of Goodsearch's search results is therefore really a review of Yahoo's search results. Yahoo's search results are powered by Bing and are therefore highly-relevant, fresh and loaded with rich content and search features.

Example search results provided by GoodSearch/Yahoo!
Example search results provided by GoodSearch/Yahoo!



Goodsearch redirect all searches to Yahoo, and as such you will be subject to Yahoo's privacy terms. Yahoo state that they may share your search terms and IP address with a number of other partners. They also state that they may use your search history to offer you personalized search results and ads.



Beyond allowing you to support certain environmental charities, such as WWF, Goodsearch have no additional eco-credentials that we could find.


Browser Extensions:

Goodsearch have a Firefox extension available called Gumdrop, which will allow you to receive coupons and deals from your favorite stores. This is mainly set up to serve the shopping part of their business (Goodshop), however it will also allow you to keep track of how much you've raised for charity. We could not find similar browser extensions for Google Chrome or the MS Edge browsers.



Goodsearch supports a range of charities and non-profit organizations, such as schools, clubs, etc. With over 110,000 non-profit organizations listed on their site, Goodsearch supports far more non-profits than any other charitable search engine we've reviewed. However, sometimes less is more, and that is definitely the case with charitable search engines, in our view. The vast number of charities and non-profits listed on Goodsearch makes finding the one you want to support quite a difficult task. A handful of major international charities are supported, such as WWF, UNICEF and a few US-based national charities, such as ASPCA and the American Cancer Society, but beyond that, most charities are smaller, local charities, local clubs, fraternities and schools. If you wanted to raise money for your own school or club, then you can submit your school or club to Goodsearch for review. You can then try and persuade as many people as possible from your school or club to use Goodsearch for searching the web. This feature is one that we have not seen on any other charitable search engine that we've reviewed. As far as the search experience is concerned, the Goodsearch search box simply redirects all searches to Yahoo! Searches are tracked via Goodsearch's partner ID contained in the Yahoo! URL. Any ads you click on will then earn a revenue for Goodsearch, from which they will donate up to 50% (or around $0.01 per search) to your chosen non-profit. Goodsearch is the only charitable search engine that redirect your search elsewhere instead of building their own search engine using results from Bing or another provider. Regardless, the fact that Goodsearch redirect to Yahoo means that their search results are excellent and loaded with rich-content. A 50% donation percentage is about average for charitable search engines, but your searches will have more of an impact if you search with Ecosia (80% donations) or SearchScene (95% donations).


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