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Good Search
09 September 2020
Reviewer: Seals Rock from Los Angeles, CA USA

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The article says it only donates meals to animals, but either it is old or the editors liked SearchScene so much they didn't care to look. You can also plant trees, remove plastic, and get drinking water. Although you cannot donate to multiple, this gives SearchScene a real spanking when it comes to charities, and SearchScene is the next best one! It helps with poverty, trees, and the Ocean, which is what I mainly support. Results are good, although it only shows three news/images/videos results on the home page, with no see more button. So you have to scroll to the top. I am disappointed with the widgets. It only has a tiny calculator you cannot really see and cannot edit your result.

This is my ratings.

If you care about climate change and search results, use Ecosia. (ecosia.org)
If you care about the ocean and demand good widgits, use OceanHero (OceanHero.today)
If you care about the ocean and are ok with decent but not great search experience, use Ocean Cleanup Group (OCG.org)
If you care about the ocean and climate change, use ekoru (ekoru.org). Seagrass soaks up 40 times more CO2 than trees, but Ekoru doesn't have top-tier search results.
If you care about poverty, use SearchScene (searchscene.com)
If you care about the ocean, climate change, and poverrty, use YouCare.
If you care about privacy and/or are using Swisscows search, use WhaleSlide (https://whaleslide.com/)
If you care about climate change, want good results but don't mind bad widgets or search experience, use WWF Panda Search. (https://panda-search.org/en/)

Take a peak at NGO browser maybe, but there you are.

Results are actual results.
Widgets, or features, are things such as definitions, translate, instant answers, knowlage panels, calculators, and more that help you get results.
Search experience includes thumbnails for images, news, and more both on the web page and the seperate images and news and video tabs
User experience includes backgrounds, website ease of use, information about your impact, and more

I can't give a rating on privacy or browser extensions.

I actually don't think YouCare is the best, but it is on my lists of ones to check out. I do not think the editors at No1Revies did a good job at the ratings. I would have done

1)Ecosia (#2)
2)OceanHero (not in top 10)
3)Ekoru (#4)
4)SearchScene (somehow #1)
5)YouCare (#7?)
6)OCG (which they did not even write about)
7)WWF Panda Search (didn't write about at ALL?)
8)WhaleSlide(#5. They are too nice)
9)NGO Browser (#10)
10)Savoo (#8)

Still, those ratings don't apply for everyone. Like I said above, it depends on what you care about.

In summary, I would recommend Youcare to a friend.

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